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FROM: Songtan-si Pool League (SSPL) Board

SUBJ: SSPL Board Meeting (23 May 2017) Minutes

  1. OPENING - The SSPL Board held a Board meeting on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at Leopard Sport Bar. The meeting was called to order at 1900 hrs. In attendance were Chris “Kaiser” LaBatte, Trey Bass, Jose Garcia, Cory Warren, Scott Henderson, and Casey Hays.


    a. Changes and Updates on “By Laws” and “Rules of Play” are still due from prior season.

    b. Player’s Token (Coin). Butters suggestion that a coin be presented to full time players for participating throughout the season was discussed by the board. No final decision was made, still up for further discussion.

    c. Pyeongtaek Pool Association Tournament. The SSPL Pool League will do their part to help advertise the tournament. For further information contact Spencer (010-6636-9603 or


    a. SSPL Captains Meeting. Captains meeting will be held at 18:30 (6:30 pm), 1 June 2017, place: TBA. Attendance by a member of each team is mandatory. The following issues and or others will be addressed:

    1. During the game, at least on referee is appointed by each team, in case of issues during the game.
    2. Captains, make sure you write the correct names on the score sheet that you have registered.
    3. Captains, make sure that you have thoroughly read and clearly understand the “Rules of Play” & the “By Laws”.

    b. Appointed Members. The SSPL Board has selected the following “Appointed Members” (Vote’s were unanimous.)

    1. Military Rep – Ryan (Twin Coyotes)
    2. Bar Owner Rep – Boram (Station)
    3. Korean Player Rep – Yoon (Xanadu)

    c. Rule Change on Cue Ball.  Casey suggested that a change be made on a moving cue ball (from not grabbing it to grabbing it, etc…). Several issues were raised from it. The board made no decision, still up for further discussion.

    d. Mid-Season Tournament.  The Mid-Season Tournament will be held June 17. Host bar and participating bars still undetermined, TBA later (pending bars conformation). Pins will be distributed at the tournament.

    e. End of Season Tournament. Alternate formats for the EOS Tournament were discussed. The board will gather further ideas from Spencer, captains and players, and still up for further discussion

    f. Financial Update.  The website has been updated with the current financial situation of the league.  All members are encouraged to review league finances.

    4. CONCLUSION – The meeting adjourned at 2000 hrs.

    5. POINTS OF CONTACT – If anyone has any questions/comments or requires additional information regarding the above, please consult the SSPL web site ( or contact the Board directly at

    // SIGNED //
    Jose Garcia
    SSPL Board