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FROM: Songtan-si Pool League (SSPL) Board

SUBJ: SSPL Board Meeting (25 July 2017) Minutes

  1. OPENING - The SSPL Board held a Board meeting on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at JJ’s. The meeting was called to order at 1900 hrs. In attendance were Chris “Kaiser” LaBatte, Trey Bass, Jose Garcia, Cory Warren, Casey Hays and Scott Henderson.


    a. Changes and Updates on “By Laws” and “Rules of Play”: Changes and updates were discussed. New changes and updates will be announced and implemented on the first Captains Meeting of SSPL 2017 Season 3.

    b. Cue Ball Rule Change: The Board discussed of making a change of grabbing or catching the cue ball off the playing surface. SSPL Rules Ombudsman (Casey Hays) will re-write the rule, explain and demonstrate it at the next upcoming SSPL Captains Meeting.

    c. Member vs Player: The board discussed of modifying the “By Laws” to clarify the difference between Member and Player. Board has made modifications and will be posted.

    d. Weekly Pin Winners (Full Time Member vs Temp Player): The board discussed of modifying the “By Laws” to clarify and specify that only full time members will get pins and be eligible for prizes and drawings at the EOS Tournament. Temp Players will not be eligible, until they have shown verification that they have become Full Time Members to the SSPL Board. Board will make modifications and posted.


    a. SSPL Captains Meeting: Captains meeting will be delayed one week. New date: 10 August 2017, at 18:30 (6:30 pm). Place: Greenman. Attendance by a member of each team is mandatory.

    Several issues will be addressed:

    1. Appointing a referee by each team, in case of issues during the game.
    2. Writing the correct names on the score sheets.
    3. Submitting money with score sheets
    Captains, make sure that you have thoroughly read and clearly understand the “Rules of Play” & the “By Laws”.

    b. SSPL Treasurer: SSPL’s Treasurer (Corey Warren) has decided to continue to be the league’s treasurer for this season and for the next season too.

    c. Cheating & Penalties: The Board discussed on implementing and handing out penalties to teams and bars for knowingly playing and using different individuals under registered full time members name’s.

    d. Make-up Games: All make-up games need to been played and also submit score sheets by 10 August 2017.

    e. SSPL 2017 Season 2 Playoffs: Playoffs will be delayed for one week. New date: 13 – 18 August 2017. Playoffs Captains meeting: 12 August 2017, Place: TBA, at 1600 (4pm).

    f. SSPL 2017 Season 2 End of Season Tournament: The EOS Tournament will be 19 August 2017, Host bar: TBA. The board discussed and decided to return to the old style format. (12 bars will be selected, within a geographical area of each other. Rules will be enforced and pushed to speed up play.) Format and rules will be explained thoroughly during the being of the tournament by the SSPL President.

    4. CONCLUSION – The meeting adjourned at 2000 hrs.

    5. POINTS OF CONTACT – If anyone has any questions/comments or requires additional information regarding the above, please consult the SSPL web site ( or contact the Board directly at

    // SIGNED //
    Jose Garcia
    SSPL Board